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Our Works

             Scrolling through the pages of history, it amazes me how kitchens have evolved from a mere cooking place to a beauty of a home. Kitchen today has become a piece of art that adds to the charm of a home; a place of enjoyment and celebration; a place that defines the finesse and refined choice of the owner. This is why a stark kitchen is now getting moulded into a stylish and state-of-the-art, technologically equipped, eloquently designed Modular kitchen – the centre stage of the home.

Stylo, one of the leading kitchen solution providers and pioneers of many technological advancements like auto clean chimneys and self timer hobs, brings to you convenient, uniquely designed, elegant and classy Modular Kitchens. Backed with a decade of experience and a dedicated team of creative and highly skilled designers and technicians, Kutchina visualises your Kitchen through your eyes and makes it exactly the way you want it.

We strongly believe that crafting a kitchen is a matter of balancing art and science properly, thus creating a beauty that makes kitchen times special with its elegance, space utilization and functionality. Flip through the pages of this catalogue to view a fascinating collection of kitchen art, an ensemble of the very best that can go into your kitchen, transforming it into a fantastically designed and elegantly convenient one.

          It has been around for thousands of days and there will always be a way of making it even better: the kitchen. Because one needs to change to keep up with the times. Kutchina always manages to keep its finger on the pulse - with practical innovations and unique design. Always with a focus on functionality Kutchina makes well designed kitchen that reflects the individuality of the people who own them.





Our Works:

  1. Wardrobe
  2. Modular Kitchen
  3. TV Unit With Storage
  4. Pooja Room
  5. Storage
  6. Showcase
  7. Study Table & Book Shelf
  8. Dressing Unit
  9. False Ceiling
  10. Crockery
  11. Cot